Thousand Cranes (An Origami Tutorial)


Crane Origami

What Is It All About?

Origami is a Japanese art of folding paper turning them into different shapes and figures. (Ori – to fold and Kami – paper.) It is popular among Asian culture.

Paper Folding Experience

We had a taste of Japanese culture during our visit to Nikka Yuko Japanese garden. We learned how to do a crane origami from scratch.(I’ll do a separate blog post and review for that unforgettable trip!) Before we start with our mini tutorial, I would just like to share some research I had found with regards of 1000 Cranes. According to ancient Chinese legends, cranes were thought to be “well-behaved like gentlemen, incorruptible and naturally clean and honest.”


It all began with a young Japanese girl named Sadako Sasaki who attempted to make 1000 paper folded cranes while she was taking her time in the hospital because of leukemia. She attempted to finish them praying for world peace. It is a well known legend that whoever finishes 1000 origami cranes will be granted one wish. (

Step By Step Tutorial

Origami Crane making is fun and easy! You can use these as a decoration or as a hobby. Let me share you what I have learned from our Nikka Yuko trip.

1) Get a square sheet paper. (I recommend coclorful paper cardstocks. I bought mine from Michael’s. You can buy them for $10-$15.

Origami Crane

2) Fold the paper in half as shown in the photo. (crease from left to right)


Origami Crane

3) Open and fold again into other half. (crease from top to bottom)



4) Open and fold diagonally. (2x)


Origami Crane

Origami Crane

5) Unfold and form it into diamond shaped thru its crease.



6) Point the opened flap towards yourself. Fold the closed flaps going into middle line as shown in the photo below.

Crane Origami

7) Make a crease from the small triangle located at the top.

8) Unfold. You should be in its original diamond shape.

9) Fold the small top triangle along its crease from step 7.

10) Open the upper side of the square paper following the creases we made from step 6. It should look like this.

Crane OrigamiCrane Origami

11) Fold the other side (facing bottom) of the paper going to the middle line.  This will give you a diamond shaped paper with two flaps in left and right sides.

12) Turn the paper over and fold both sides going into middle line. Fold the right flap to the left afterwards.

Crane Origami


13) Flip the paper and repeat step 12.

14) Fold the bottom tip of diamond (closed tip) up to top corner. Turn over and repeat on the other side.

15) These two tall triangles will serve as head and tail. Fold tge right and left triangle downwards. This will serve as wings.

Crane Origami

16) Fold the tip of head down.

17) Pull the head and tail out.

18) Create a 3D like volume by carefully pulling out from its “body”.

Crane OrigamiCrane Origami

19) Use it as a decoration or make a thousand of them, connect them via thread and make a wish!

You can also find different video tutorials in youtube! Well, here’s mine. 🙂


Crane folding is a great way to pass your time, bond with your kids or younger siblings (if you have any), use to decorate your room or do the 1000 paper crane challenge! So what are you waiting for? Let’s start making these cranes and make some wish afterwards! 🙂

Have you ever tried making these paper cranes before? How was it? Tell me your thoughts! 🙂

Much Love, J

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Greens and Blues (My Emerald Lake Experience/Review!)

I almost ran out of words to describe this stunning place. Emerald lake is an amazing place to visit. It’s jaw dropping scenery makes me want to stay for couple of days. Good thing is that there are lodges nearby the lake for you to rent. RV camping is recommended as well. Everything is accessible! Washrooms, stores, restaurants, food on sites and even outdoor tables for picnic, they all have it.

Travel time depends from where you came from. Coming from Alberta, it would take you 2 to 3 hour long drive. We reached our destination early in the morning (8am approx ).  We left 5am in the morning just to avoid traffic.

PicsArt 08 09 07.51.53 - Greens and Blues (My Emerald Lake Experience/Review!)

Capturing the sunrise during our trip has already made my day.

Upon arrival, parking lot are still almost empty so I really recommend going early. Most vehicles are RVs, big trucks and later on, we noticed buses containing tourists roaming around the area. It’s almost the same scene we had during our Lake Louise trip. (click here for our Lake Louise trip!)

We went straight to the washroom stalls. After that, a mini bridge designed with hanging flowers on the side welcomed us.

Emerald LakeEmerald Lake
You can see the blue body of water and dark green trees covered with fogs. It’s really stunning.

Emerald Lake

On our left side, there was a shop where you can rent canoes. We didn’t try those since we already had tried one before during our Lake Louise trip.

Emerald Lake
After crossing the bridge, there are more shops and lodges surrounding the lake. The lake also offers great photo opps so we took our chance while there are still few people.

Emerald LakeEmerald Lake
People began to arrive sooner. It’s hard to take decent photos without people in them so we decided to start the hike.

The trail offers different activities mostly suited for families. Dogs are allowed but must be kept on leash. We had a better view of the bluish green lake surrounded by mountains and trees. I bet hiking will be limited during winter.

Emerald LakeEmerald LakeEmerald LakeWe didn’t finished our hike because we chose to eat rather than walk further (because food is life :p).

Overall, we enjoyed our stay here. I loved how accessible it was and how it is not crowded compared to other famous tourist spot here in CA like Lake Louise or Banff. (which means lots of photo opps). Even if we didn’t venture too far from the beginning of the trail, it already felt like true wilderness.

Emerald Lake
Do you have any other “one with nature” experience that you cannot forget? Feel free tp comment or link it. We would love to hear them! 😊

Much Love, J

0A1CE15801BC2D58F74DE9E225760A2F - Greens and Blues (My Emerald Lake Experience/Review!)
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